Our story. A relation with the territory.

When we arrived to the island, we quickly discovered that Mallorcan landscape and its rich cultural heritage were our biggest source of inspiration and still continue to play an essential role in our work, that adds a contemporary approach to the traditional craft. Our goal is to discover the intrinsic potential of each project by questioning the obvious, exploring the surroundings to offer projects inspired by the Mediterranean feel. Our design process is driven by an eclectic style because every work is intimately connected to its function and context, recognizing the needs and customized according to individual desires. It should leave room to the user’s self expression.

It's about you, not about us.

The history behind 2monos is all about ‘thinking with hands’, making a difference by altering frontiers in a creative, timeless and sustainable way, to create unique pieces or small series, always with our own language that goes beyond trends. Our work is marked by our devotion to a subtle, timeless and durable design based on compromise, on sensitivity in the choice of raw materials (choosing materials which age well: iron, wood, leather …) and on commitment to sustainability (using natural and traditional treatments for a more sustainable form of production). 

We think with hands in a perfect balance between design, art and crafts.

Haute couture for everyday life.


Grimalt de Blanch

Enric Badrinas

Adriana Dumon