SHIBUI stool V2

Our SHIBUI stool in jute, incorporating elements of handmade cord weaving and rhombus.

The perfect balance between local craft and design.

All our products can be highly customizable.

Finishes and materials: Raw metal and jute.

Pattern: doble rhombus . Other patterns available: simple rhombus or zigzag

Dimensions Seat 27vx45 cms

Standard seat height 70 cm (customizable)

Production year: 2018

Any occasional difference that may be present must be considered as a testimony to the artisanship as every item is 100% proudly handmade.

The SHIBUI is made to order and highly customizable according to individual needs and desires, please, inquire for current lead times.

Pictures by Julio Feroz for Made in Mallorca 2019 at Aba Art Gallery

Gallery images by Anders Gramer for Monocle Magazine

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