Hydroscopía (from Greek ὑδρο- hydro ‘water’ and σκοπειν skopein ‘to observe, watch’) The art of find out the existence and condition of groundwater by examining the terrain.

Higroscopía (from Greek ύγρος hygros ‘wet’ and σκοπειν skopein ‘to observe’) is the ability of some substances to absorb moisture from the surrounding medium.

Hygroscopic materials always tend to reach equilibrium with the surrounding environment. And you?

Hidroscopía/Higroscopía is an Active Installation’ composed ofhumidity iron collectors and a salt pyramid, interconnected each others by transparent rubber tubes which allow the water to move through the simple hydraulic principle of communicating vessels.

Salt (hygroscopic element) absorbs water up to its maximal swelling capacity, reaching an equilibrium point of saturation beyond which we assist the gradual collapse of the pyramid.

During the night, we recorded a sound registration of dripping water and the crunch of salt, through some piezos (micros) located in different parts of the work.

HIDROSCOPIA / HIGROESCOPIA from Alejandro Dioscorides on Vimeo.

Hidroscopía/Higroscopía, a project by 2monos with Diego Alvarez, Uwe Schüler(Alemania), Jördis Drawe (Alemania), Wolfgang Dorninger  (Austria) and Gabriele Kling Dorninger (Austria).

Foto by Bárbara Vidal, video by Alejandro Dioscorides.

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