1902 Hotel Boutique

Furniture design and manufactured for 1902 Hotel Boutique in Soller, Mallorca.

We designed a range of  bespoke furniture for the bedrooms and the common area that combines functionality, quality and elegance.

Each room is unique and includes the historical features as original decorative tiled floors, high ceilings and full height windows, always mixing classic and contemporary feel.

1902 Hotel Boutique is a GV27 arquitectos project.

The choice of material provides unity, elegance and personality to the whole set and the result is a balanced harmony between classic and contemporary style.

The perforated metal headboard is custom designed and combines with the sideboard, fixed to the wall, giving the impression that it’s suspended.

We combined thin iron bar, perforated metal -that gives visual lightness- leather strips and shousugiban wood -so confortable with its soft touch. They all are material that aged well.

Everything is in sight and well organised in the wardrobe, so the result is a flexible and functional space.

Pics by Eugeni Aguilo 

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