Eat Arbre

EAT ARBRE, an eat art performance.

In the beginning was the Tree.

Since the food industry proposed its ethics and imposed its production, distribution and consumption methods – as competition to the vast network of small local producers who had previously supplied the population with no problems or surplus, we have experienced a widening gap between nature and origin of the food needed to live.

Today, we are getting more aware of the damage the current model caused, at different scales, both physical and environmental health.

We participate in a new food philosophy and new values, closer to the environment, seeking to recover and preserve local assets, against cultural and gastronomic uniformity, in respect of the land and the flavours matured under the sun.

We made an edible sculptural installation representing a ‘local food tree’ (slices of bread, ramillet tomatoes, …) where visitors found, straight from the tree, all the ingredients to prepare their own «pa amb oli».

This project will allow the visitors to become aware of the origin of food, immersing in an atmosphere that will stimulate all their senses, allowing them to become an active part of the whole work.

The public took part of the interactive animation created by JoanÁvila, connected to the background sound, produced by Jan Postel and Georg Reddig.

The making of.

All pictures by Jan Postel.

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