PHONOS. Marc Vilanova W/ 2monos

We are excited to announce that PHONOS can be experienced at Plaza Gutemberg (Barcelona)

We start developing the idea and working at the big structure during the pandemic, together with Marc, in our workshop in the south of Mallorca.

«Phonos is an installation using infrasonic frequencies, which are extremely low frequencies imperceptible to us yet present in our daily lives.

An individual audio signal is sent to each of the two hundred and eight recycled speakers. Due to their size, the speakers are incapable of reproducing infrasounds. In their attempt to emit them, we experience how each speaker moves, rendering visible an imperceptible sound. At the same time, we can hear the frictions of their mechanics, generating a synchronized polyrhythm that moves throughout the frontal octagon. Despite Phonos’ large dimensions, the piece invites you to get close and have an intimate experience with it.»

You can read the full note here and the video