Exhibition: Madrid Design Festival 2022

Madrid Design Festival and the il·lacions gallery present “Inferences / Inferencias” , an invitation to discover contemporary design through an interpretive process that links local creators with international references.

The exhibition shows the work of a selection of authors linked to the il-lacions project, who in turn act as co-curators by inviting international creators who are a source of inspiration to exhibit. From this creative exercise, which establishes dialogues between authors who do not know each other, conclusions have been derived regarding the design materialized in unique projects, not presented to date.

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Designers: 2 Monos, Adrián Cruz , Alba Abiad en col·laboració amb Naveen Jose, Aldanondo  Fernández, Alejandra Gandía Blasco , Alejandra Perini & Kiwi Bravo, Alessia Zoppis, Alvaro Ferreira, Andreu Carulla, Antoni Arola, Antoni Pallejà, Aviv Shany, Brats, Carles Roig, Clàudia Aguiló, Claudia Girbau, Cris Noguer, Cristian Herrera, Cristian Zuzunaga, Curro Claret, Dani Buch , Delia Ruiz & 40 Plumas, Gregorio Peño , Ferran Collado Gerard Moliné, Ines Sistiaga, Klas Ernflo, Joan Tarragó, Joan Vellvé , Joel Blanco, Jordi Canudas, Jordi Ribaudí, Jordi Veciana, José Carlos Romero, Josep Abril, Josep Maynou, Josep Vila Capdevila, Julen Ussia , Júlia Esqué, Laura Pérez Rodón, Léa Mavy, Magdalena Hart, Michael Roschach, Manolo Menendez, Marc Monzó, Margalef, Massimiliano Moro, May Beydoun, Max Enrich, Max Milà i Laura Sebastianes, Meritxell Duran, Miquel Subiràs, Mònica Guilera, Natália De Assis, Nico Guevara, Panorammma Pròsèr Riba, Oiko Design Office, Ovidi Benet, Raphael Kadid, Roger Coll, Rosa Cortiella, Sebastian Alberdi, Sanna Völker, Si Atelier, Six N. Five, Sizar Alexis, Studiopepe, Studio Maentler via Editions du Coté, Thomas Serruys via Atelier Jespers, Tim Hooijmans, Todomuta  y Turbina.

About Il·lacions 

The Il·lacions design gallery (2011) is the first one dedicated exclusively to 21st century -made in Barcelona- design. Its purpose is to create value and give visibility to the more than 50 creators who collaborate, showing their furniture, objects, unique pieces or limited series, in temporary exhibitions, international fairs and in its permanent collection.

Il·lacions also develops projects linked to design and creativity, contributing all the collective intelligence to private projects as well as gallery’s spin-off projects.

Other areas of action are: curating exhibitions, unique interior design projects, collection consultancy, publishing and production of furniture and objects, R+D, book publishing and, shortly, design residencies.

15/02 – 13/03 2022

FERNAN GOMEZ. VILLA CULTURAL CENTER. Colon Square, 4, 28001 Madrid.
From Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00


Madrid Design Festival

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