We are excited to announce that INDUSTRIAL [ ] has nominated our studio for the ‘2023 Art Design Award‘ with the project SHIBUIA CHAIR

» We wanted to reach out and let you know that we have come across your «SHIBUIA ARMCHAIR V1″ project and we are truly impressed by your work. The creativity and innovation that you have showcased have truly caught our attention. At this moment, we are thrilled to be celebrating a significant achievement – the launch of the 2023 ART DESIGN AWARD.

This award is intended to honor exceptional designers, artists, and architects on an annual basis. What sets this award apart is its commitment to independence and impartiality. We are dedicated to ensuring that both nominees and winners are selected purely on the merits of their work, without any financial considerations. Given the alignment of your «SHIBUIA ARMCHAIR V1″ project with our vision, we are excited to inform you that we have chosen to include you and your project on our list of nominees.

We want to express our genuine gratitude for your contributions to the world of art and design. Your dedication to your craft is inspiring, and we eagerly look forward to your continued involvement in this exciting process.»

Johannes Stumpf 

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