Whimsical, a new frozen yogurt shop concept in California.

Architectural project and corporate image design for a new self-service frozen yogurt & gelato concept in Newport Beach and Menifee, California.

Corporate image, concept brand (Materials, Finishes & Furniture), space planning, architectural project and interior design by 2monos


main entrance.psd

The layout of the store is simple and quite artful: a self-service frozen yogurt area, an egg-bar to customize your yogurt, a relax area and a sitting zone. The shop concept stands out from the typical yogurt shop design, and the open space allows customers the freedom of movement.

view from main entrance.psd

The curved flowing walls portrays the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. 

The main color of the walls, light green,  is refreshing and shiny.



The topping ‘Egg-Bar’. Here you can customize your frozen yogurt with cereals, fresh fruits or topping.

relax lounge ares.psd

bathroom area.psd

external views.psd