Contemporary artisans for a slow revolution

We are a Mallorca-based self-production studio, launched in 2010, as the result of the combined effort of two creative minds specialized in the fields of architecture, sculpture and design. We offer original, personalized and high quality projects, always making possible an exchange between opposite realities, materials and scales, from micro to macro. We deal with interior slow design, art and architecture. The projects range from retail concept, to furniture and lighting design for commercial spaces, private homes and exhibitions. 

We think with hands, in a perfect balance between design, art and crafts.

Our creations are handcrafted, timeless and durable, adding contemporary aesthetics and functionality to classic crafts. In our workshop the designs become production, in small editions or unique pieces, with loving attention to details, carefully chosen materials and accurate finishing methods, tailor-made. That’s why we prefer to use natural waxes and traditional natural treatments, for a sustainable way of production. Our design process is driven by an eclectic approach and every work is intimately connected to its function and context. All pieces are customized according to individual needs and desires, leaving emotions to count.


We design and produce furniture, lighting, unique pieces...


for private, commercial and ephemeral spaces


Creative workshops, seminars, collaborations...we are ready for new challenges.

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